The Druid Collective


    Accelerating Science & Tech for Impact







  • Our Mission

    The Druid Collective is an initiative of the World Economic Forum’s

    Young Global Leaders (YGL) and Technology Pioneers

    dedicated to helping startups around the world

    to bring breakthrough science- and R&D from labs to real world impact

  • Curing Paralysis

    From waking up in his bed paralyzed to moving his legs again, Mark Pollock shares his story about how Druid Collective helps deep tech start ups drive the Fourth Industrial revolution and change the world.

  • Our Motivation

    For more than two hundred years, science and engineering have been generating great inventions that have changed the face of humanity and made the world a much better, safer, and comfortable place to live in. As we are standing on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, there has never been a greater promise of new and truly transformational technologies. This promise is further amplified by the fact that great science and engineering are no longer restricted to a few dozen countries.


    Yet, many if not most of the great new inventions will probably never make it all the way to the final consumer. The journey from a great scientific output to full commercialization is extremely long, risky, and expensive. It can easily cost tens of millions of euros and take even ten or more years. Moreover, building science- and engineering-based companies – "deep tech" start ups – requires a lot of deep industry expertise and experience. Unless they are based in a handful of locations, such as Silicon Valley or Cambridge, entrepreneurs building deep tech companies are extremely unlikely to get access to the right people and capital – and are therefore almost doomed to fail.


    The Druid Collective has set out to break this spell and ensure that potentially world-changing deep tech innovations achieve a great success no matter what part of the world they originally come from.

  • What We Do

    We harness the power of the YGL network and larger World Economic Forum community to support the deep technology community through:

    Advising startups

    We introduce startups to mentors, institutions, and investors that can help propel the development of their deep tech solutions.

    Policy advocacy & advice

    We advise key stakeholders, such as governments on how to improve the investment and regulatory space for deep startups.


    We host deep tech events, including at at World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos and at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China.

  • Who We Are

    The Druids are a diverse group of YGLs, Tech Pioneers and Global Shapers committed to accelerating the growth of deep technology companies. Some of our members include:

    Michael Altendorf

    Founder and CEO


    Kees Aarts

    Founder and CEO


    Irina Anghel-Enescu

    Managing Director


    Martin Bruncko

    Founding Partner

    Steam Capital

    Calvin Chin


    E14 Fund

    Almira Cemmell

    Managing Director

    FTI Consulting

    Douglas Corley

    Founder and CEO

    DHB Global

    Marga Gual Soler

    Science diplomat

    Eyal Gura

    Founder and Chairman

    Zebra Medical Vision

    Marjolein Helder

    Founder and CEO


    Christian Hernandez

    Founder & Venture Partner

    White Star Capital

    Tom Hulme

    General Partner

    Google Ventures​

    Akira Kirton

    Former Managing Director

    BP Ventures

    Cori Lathan

    Founder and CEO


    Mike Moradi

    Founder and CEO


    Olivier Oullier



    Tony Pan

    Founder and CEO

    Modern Electron

    Marlon Parker



    Mark Pollock


    Mark Pollock Trust

    Lucy McRae

    Science Fiction Artist

    Bruno Sanchez

    Vice President


    Raphael Schoentgen

    Founder and CEO

    Hydrogen Advisors

    Thibaud Le Séguillon

    Founder and CEO

    Heliatek GmbH

    Keely Stevenson

    Founder and CEO

    Weal Life

    Kamel Taha


    AT Kearnery

    Hayley Warren

    Founder and CEO

    HALO Medical Devices

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